The Time of Your Life


The server hosting this blog seemed to be down over the weekend, so this is the delayed updated from the Bay Area portion of my trip. Coming soon are my first impressions of Target Field…
I was hanging out with Amal, lalopez, Breath, and Resa in Half Moon Bay last Saturday and we decided to get some ice cream at M Coffee. By the time we got our orders, the place had officially closed and turned into a birthday party for one of the local musicians and her friends. They had a performance space set up and asked who wanted to play first.
Amal volunteered.
It confused nearly everyone in the place as they whispered amongst themselves to figure out who knew him and how he got there. But someone lent him a guitar, plugged him in, and the rest was history…

He didn’t suck.
The local musicians of Half Moon Bay remain confused as to who this mysterious stranger was.


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