Red Sox 6, Twins 2

“Wait, You think I’m the most awesome player in all of baseball? Surely you mean Nick Punto.”
The most awesome player in all of baseball.

I think I am a curse. How is that I go to three Twins game within one week and they lose all three? They have a .585 winning percentage — seriously, what are the odds?!?! 7.15%, I think? That means I should have had a 92.85% chance of seeing them win!
I am a curse.
Lester pitched a complete game for the Sox tonight and while it wasn’t a shut out, it might has well have been with the only Twins runs coming late in the game when it was pretty much over already. In the other half of the game, Liriano’s pitching was really inconsistent — lots of strikeouts, but of his five hits, three were doubles and two were home runs. That’s not the way to keep the score low, Francisco! Most of the damage was done by the one-two punch of Victor Martinez and Kevin Youkilis. In the meantime, the Twins catcher-first baseman one-two punch in the line-up didn’t do much at all except for a wasted Morneau double and a classic Mauer RBI off of a 4-3 groundball out.

A fine looking crew — note the homer hanky in Karly’s hair!

On the plus side, tonight I went with two other Twins fans. Forrest left after the 7th inning when the score was still 6-0 (something about waking up at 5 am for work), but Karly and I pulled out the homer hankies in the 8th (one of which she had been wearing in her hair due to lack of a hat). Maybe it was too little late, but they did bring in two runs. We were feeling a little self-conscious about it when the Sox fans around us kept looking at us like we were nuts. However, vindication came after the game — a Twins fan who had apparently been sitting a few rows behind us came up and said he really appreciated seeing the homer hankies and that he was sure that was what brought in the runs.
You see, Sox fans, it’s not just Karly and me. All Twins fans are a little nuts.
Also, a foul ball landed in the seat next to me, which was empty. (Well, okay, there was a railing and a slight drop off between me and the seat.) Two little kids (brothers) fought over it. Yes, I should have caught it. Yes, I had just said, “Maybe I should pull out my glove, this guy hits a lot of foul balls.” Yes, dropping the scorebook to catch a foul ball is an appropriate way to abuse the scorebook. Shut up, Forrest. You didn’t catch it either.


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