Twins 5, Red Sox 2


I caught a case of targetfielditis and left work early today to catch the Twins home opener — and inaugural game in Target Field — on NESN. I was pleasantly surprised when NESN showed the Twins legends (plus Kirby Puckett Jr.) coming onto the field but was disappointed when they pulled away to talk about the Bruins. I know it’s Boston coverage and they don’t care, but since the Boston coverage blacked out the ESPN coverage, it would have been nice if they showed us all of it.
Being the first game at the new stadium, there were plenty of firsts to go around. The first pitch of the game was a ball from Carl Pavano to Marco Scutaro, who followed with the first hit in Target Field, and then became the first man to get caught stealing. Denard Span was the first base runner for the Twins with walk, followed by Orlando Hudson’s first hit. Michael Cuddyer had the first RBI three batters later scoring Denard Span, the first run.
Nick Punto had the first stolen base in the second inning, setting up for Joe Mauer having the first extra base hit with a double in the second (and an RBI). Jason Kubel had the first home run in the 7th inning.
The first win? The Twins… as it should be. (Or more specifically, Carl Pavano… and the first save was Jon Rauch.)
(Also, can we just note that the Blue Jays are a top the AL East right now? Go Canada!)


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