Opening Night


Look, I am as happy as anyone that the Twins-Angels season opener is being aired on national television. But, I have an 8 am meeting and the 10 pm start time is not so good for that. So, as much as I want to stay up and wait for Joe Mauer to finally get his first hit of the season to break the current 3-3 tie (it’ll happen, won’t it?), I think I can’t make it.
Also, I am still on the fence on the Twins new uniforms. Does everything have to change with the new stadium? On the other hand, my twenty year old jersey is now officially retro.
This seems as good a time as any to mention that on Wednesday I am going to the Red Sox-Yankees game at Fenway. Chris Morse is my hero for that one. I also recently bought a ticket for the Yankees-Twins game in New York in May and am making plans for the June Mets-Twins series. Oh baseball, I’ve missed you.


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