Women: USA 6, Russia 4; Men: USA 4, France 3


And what obscure sport am I reporting the scores for? Why, the only one in which you get to throw rocks at houses — curling!
For some bizarre reason, curling has become my new favorite sport. I first got into it during the 2006 Torino games, mostly because I loved listening to the announcers’ Canadian accents and because the women’s team was from Minnesota. Fast forward to last summer when I bought a Wii and brought it home. Deciding to buy me a new game, my dad selected a sports game which included curling and family fun at the cabin was had. (That game is actually not so good and I’ve since bought a better curling-included game.) So while I’ve yet to throw a real stone (I’ll get to that), I know the rules and the strategy.
Now that the 2010 games are under way in Vancouver, I’ve been streaming the curling matches at work and watching coverage on CNBC. (In fact, I am currently watch the Canada-Denmark women’s match.) For those who don’t know the difference between a peel and a tick, the summary of the first few days goes like this: team Canada is generally awesome and unbeatable (particularly the men) and team USA can’t win a game, usually due missing a clutch shot in the 10th end. (End ~ inning in baseball… kind of.)
But the US’s luck turned around today — both the men and women’s teams finally won! The men’s victory is not without drama as it came after they benched their skip (skip ~ last shooter/team captain) John Shuster and replaced him with 22 year old alternate Chris Plys. Oh, the tension in the curling world! Unfortunately for the men, they’re still ranked last while the women fare only slightly better. (They’re ahead of Switzerland, who remain the last unvictorious team on the rink for either gender.) I’m cheering for Canada all the way at this point.
Today’s Olympic victories aside, I’ve decided that curling is my best shot at ever being a world class athlete, given that hockey didn’t really work out for me. And so, on March 7, I’m going to the Broomstones open house with anyone who wants to join me. (Seriously, if you’re reading this, are in Massachusetts, and want to go, a bunch of us have registered for the 3:40 slot.) I’m bringing a camera and I’m sure I will discover that hurling a 44 pound piece of granite into a precise spot on the ice is not a easy as Cheryl Bernard makes it look… but I’m also betting that it will be a ton of fun!


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