Happy Thanksgiving!


I meant to post this yesterday, but got distracted by work…
Every week day morning for over a year now, I walk to the Davis Square T stop to head in to work. On the vast majority of those days, I’ve taken a copy of the Metro from the same woman who stands at the end of the escalator. (As I have mentioned before, the Metro is not a great paper. But it is free and it has a crossword puzzle.)
When I first started getting the paper from this woman, she never made eye contact and never smiled. She just held out the paper and waited for people to come back and take them from her. When someone did, she’d hold out another paper for the next person… or the person after that if the next person ignored her. It was the same thing everyday, with no sign of personality from her.
I figured she must be bored or shy or both and decided to make it my mission to get her to at least smile. Thus, every morning when I took the paper from her, I would say a cheery good morning. After about a month, she started to look up and smile when I said it. Eventually, she started recognizing me and smiling before I said anything. A few months ago she started holding the paper back from me until I said “Good morning,” at which she always responded with a very quiet “Good morning” back.
But yesterday was a big turning point. We did our usual “Good morning” exchange and I took the paper from her. But she wouldn’t let go. Instead, she looked me in the eye and said, “Happy Thanksgiving.” I wished her the same, and took the paper and headed off to the T.
So, on this turkey day 2009, I am thankful for the Metro lady at the Davis Square T stop and our small little bond. And for Google for sponsoring the free wifi at Logan which is allowing me to post this while I wait for me 6 am flight.


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