Tom Brunansky


Way back in 1984, when my sister was less than a month old, my parents took us to a Twins game at the Metrodome, which also happened to be fan photo day. One of the big stars of the team back then was Tom Brunansky. All of two and a half, I have a vague recollection of being in line with my parents, but being terrified of the man and his mustache when it came to taking my picture with him. My sister, having not yet developed an ability to show terror, had no such qualms about being handed over to a mustachioed stranger and thus the following picture was taken…
Fast forward 25+ years… it is the last weekend of regular season games in the Metrodome, and in celebration, the Twins are having another fan photo day. But instead of photos with current players, it’s photos with “Metrodome alumni,” including Tom Brunansky (who has shaved the mustache). After some scanning, some blowing up, and some printing of an old photo, the following picture was taken…
After pointing out that the baby in the picture was my sister (on the left), I think we made poor Bruno feel old.
Oh, and a bonus for you… me, my mother, Hall of Famer Paul Molitor, 1991 World Series Game 7 winner Jack Morris, and the man who scored the winning run in Game 7 Dan Gladden.


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  1. Cool pictures! I was watching it all on TV today thinking about you and your dad being there and how you must’ve felt like you were in heaven! What a great gift!

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