Red Sox 5, Athletics 2

The umpire calls strike three on Jack Cust for the second out in the ninth

Why, yes, I was just at Fenway on Saturday sitting in Chris Morse’s seats while he was out of town. Why, yes, I was back again tonight in the same situation… only this time I took Forrest instead of Harvey. We made a pact to make dinner plans more often because it seems that every time we do, someone offers me Red Sox tickets.
It rained for most of the day, but cleared up just in time for the game… and stayed perfect ballgame weather until the 9th inning. Luckily for those of us in attendance, the Red Sox were up 5-2 at this point and Papelbon was in from the bullpen to quickly mow down the A’s with three strikeouts to end the game. As soon as he did, the grounds crew ran out the tarp — I’ve become very familiar with that tarp this season.
I’d like to nominate Aaron Bates for player of the game because, well, he could use the confidence boost. After two full major league games, he’s yet to get a hit. However, he does have a non-zero OBP thanks to a walk in the 6th inning. And because of this walk (as opposed to his usual strikeout), Pedroia was able to come up to bat in the same inning and single in Ellsbury for the Red Sox fifth run. And even though it was just an insurance run, I still think the kid deserves the confidence booster.


4 responses

  1. I guess we are all holding on to the wish for the Sox again this season, so it is good to hear of your good fortune garnering tickets to the games and to learn of how you see it from the stands.
    Thank you.

  2. Can’t you just look out your window and see them? :-p
    Except for the Twins game (which honestly, were rainy and crappy), it’s all been dumb luck. I guess except for the Red Sox game in Anaheim too… that definitely took some advance planning.

  3. No, we can not actually see the game from the window. And we all know there’s nothing like actually being AT the game.