Chocolate, Part Deux


Today was the last session of my chocolate making class. (For Brandy — we’ve been using Noel brand chocolate.) Unlike the previous two sessions, we were not as focused on making delicious fillings and chocolates that tasted amazing. Instead, we were aiming for our “chocolate display pieces.” We could only be so creative, given that we only had the giant molds that the school owned. But I still did okay, choosing to use the creepy dwarf with two children and a dog mold. There was a debate about whether or not the “dwarf” was in fact supposed to be Santa Claus, which would explain the children and the sack, but not the dog. I wanted it to be one of the seven dwarfs… and after my cocoa butter paint job, all of us in the class agreed that this dwarf was named “Creepy.”
We unfortunately ran out of time to make the “plastic chocolate” roses, but I did manage to make a little bow with some of the scrap pieces. “Plastic chocolate” is regular chocolate mixed with corn syrup and has a fondant like consistency. I took some home with the intent to try to make a rose… Chef Delphin made it look easy. I have a suspicion mine will not be as nice as his!
Creepy the Chocolate Psychedelic Wizard
Thistle truffles and a “chocolate plastic” bow
Chocolate Dolphin
A large (hollow) chocolate ball… just because


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