My boss is awesome


My boss just stopped by my office for the following exchange…
Boss: Erin, do you have a second?
Me: Sure, what do you need?
Boss: Well, I know you’re a Twins fan and all, but my wife’s family is coming in to town this weekend and we have 8 tickets to Sunday’s Red Sox game, but now they’re all leaving early and I need to get rid of the tickets. Do you think you could use some or all of them?
Me: Well, I could definitely take one and I can probably find people for the other 7 as well.
Boss: Really? Great! I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get rid of them. They’re $50 seats, but I’ll give them to you for $40.
Five of the seven have already been taken by co-workers… and we haven’t even asked everyone in the office yet. I can’t believe he thought this would be a problem.


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