TTC: The Movie!


Okay, perhaps it’s not TTC: The Movie!, but via Harvey, Michel Gondry is writing a time travel movie to take place at MIT… which has to be better than the musical.
This leads me to a Mystery Hunt story (and one day I will make a list of my favorite puzzles from this year, I swear). On Friday afternoon, shortly after Zoz arrived, Michelle Oshima and a guy I didn’t recognize came into our hunt HQ looking for Zoz. This mystery man asked me, Anand, Robbie, and (someone else — Jamie?) if we were freshmen. All of us being more than a few years out, we laughed and explained that no, we were alums. “Eh,” the mystery man said, “You are all just sperm to me.”
He then took Zoz and fled the scene. “Who was that?” I asked.
“You don’t know?” Anand answered, “That was Michel Gondry.”


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