New President and Mystery Hunt


Longer MH2K9 post to follow later in the day, but for now, thanks to the Bombers for a fabulous hunt. We did surprisingly well — second place with the final runaround reverse engineered such that it probably would have taken us less than a half hour to finish had we only thought to play checkers with the last meta.
In other news, today we have a new president. I came into work only to find an e-mail from Friday (which I never saw because of the Mystery Hunt) telling me that no one had to come in until 1 pm today because of the inauguration. As I was already here, I went over to the hospital cafeteria to watch Obama’s speech. It seems that all the people attempting to stream the coverage over the Internet has slowed down the network dramatically today — IS even sent an e-mail to that effect, requesting that people please try to find a television instead.
I heard stories of doctors delaying their patients’ appointments while they joined them in lobbies to listen to the new president. It sounded like the patients didn’t really mind. I watched a black cafeteria work cry and then applaud wildly. Everything’s moving a little bit slower today — everyone seems aware of a massive attitude shift in our country. We’ve gone from an administration that hides behind lies and fear tactics to an administration which maintains its own blog in order to make We The People feel more involved with our government.
Perhaps the “change” that’s come won’t be the magical band-aid that some people expect it to be, but after years of failed policies and lies and incoherent speeches, I can’t help but think that we are a far better nation than we were yesterday.


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