World Series Limbo


It has been the 6th inning of game 5 of the World Series for over 36 hours now. I agree with Selig’s call to suspend the game instead of calling it after 4 1/2 innings (when the Phillies were winning — it’s tied now), because after all, how anti-climactic would that have been? However, this bizarre mid-game limbo evokes images of some strange sci-fi baseball saga in which time has stopped and Cole Hamels is on deck forever — that is, if the Phillies don’t pitch hit for their starting pitcher. If the weather keeps up in Philadelphia (which according to the forecast, it probably won’t), this could be the first World Series to coincide with a presidential election.
And lest we forget, the presidential election is already interfering with this Series as Barack Obama’s half hour spot tonight will delay the resuming of game five by yet another half hour.
Between game 3 starting late on Saturday and now this, it’s been a World Series that has been tough to follow, even for the most die-hard of baseball fans.


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