Update from the road


Wednesday morning I took off with my sister from our house in Minnesota and headed north. Highlights so far include…

  • Being introduced to the concept of “guerilla photography” (invented by my sister and father?) — hold the camera out the window and snap pictures while driving and hope some of them come out
  • Lunch in Duluth, MN at Hell’s Kitchen
  • Seeing the John B. Aird (boat) for the second time this summer
  • Dessert in Two Harbors at Betty’s Pies
  • Visiting Gooseberry Falls
  • Being asked to pull over at an international border crossing for the first time in my life. (They asked me multiple times why I was moving, and what my new job would entail… I think they were trying to make sure I wasn’t fleeing to Canada, which is tempting, but not the case.)
  • A night in Thunder Bay, Ontario after having to switch rooms when the first room was unopenable by any key in the hotel.


  • Lots of rain while driving along the Canadian side of Lake Superior
  • Lots of fog too
  • Stopping in Wawa, ON to see the big steel geese (three of them!) and buy some in-car fun (trivia games for “ages 8-18”)
  • Dipping the toes in at Katherine Cove… in the rain
  • Seeing Agawa Rock again… in the rain
  • Camping on a beach on Agawa Bay… in the rain… resulting in a very angry sister
  • Lots of card playing in a tent (which stayed surprisingly dry inside)
  • Sleeping to the sounds of waves crashing on the shore… the rain had finally stopped


  • Waking up just as the sun finished rising and catching the tail end of pinkness over the lake
  • Wading briefly in Lake Superior and walking down the beach while the aforementioned angry sister waited back at the campsite
  • Successfully building a small campfire… quickly stopped by angry sister wanting to “just get on the road right away”
  • Shopping in Sault Ste Marie to buy sister dry jeans
  • Trying in vain to find Mad Libs at at least five different stores
  • Driving to many episodes of The Jack Benny Show
  • Dinner and a walk along a Nipissing Lake beach in North Bay, Ontario
  • Solving crossword puzzles while driving
  • Stopping in Pembroke, the site of a Fiddlers and Steppers Festival and sleeping in a bed across from a snoring, much appeased sister

Anne, who is by far the better photographer, took many good pictures. At some point I’ll get them off the camera and post the highlights.
Tomorrow… onto Montreal.


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