A Lawn Mower That Eats Snow


We had a big blizzard this weekend — 8+ inches of snow fell on Sunday. One of my housemates is from Florida and has never seen snow before this year. On Sunday morning, he announced that the neighbors seemed to have a “lawn mower that eats snow.”
“Uh, that’s actually a snow blower,” we informed him.
A little bit later, when the discussion turned to shoveling the walk, he jumped at the chance to volunteer… I think he thought it would be fun or something. I checked on him after about five minutes. “It’s a lot heavier than it looks,” he remarked. He then decided that no, he didn’t want help this time because he said he’d do it. However, in the future, he’s probably not going to be so quick to offer his services.
Also potentially coming soon… photographs of our big fat snowman (who drinks instead of smoking a pipe).


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