ALCS Game 7


8:32 pm, middle 1st Ahh, the 1-2-3 inning to start the game. Maybe I don’t have to worry about Daisuke tonight.
8:35 pm, bottom 1st Why did the Transformers logo just flash randomly on my screen with no explanation?
8:43 pm, bottom 1st Was that an error on Peralta? Who cares — it resulted in a run. (And it was ruled a hit for Manny.)
8:57 pm, bottom 2nd First pitch launched to the top of the wall by Varitek… and yet he almost got thrown out anyway.
9:01 pm, bottom 2nd Double plays seem to be the downfall of the Sox today. At least they got a run out of it this time.
9:12 pm, top 3rd My housemate just asked me how far away Denver was and if it was a reasonable idea to get tickets to a game. “The midwest is all the same, right?” she asked cheekily. (Just FYI, Denver is a 19 hour drive from here… I did it in May.) Also, she’s been wearing her Red Sox underwear since Thursday. (For her sake, I’m not writing her name.)
9:18 pm, mid 3rd So, if we take Friday and Monday off and rotated drivers and slept in the car, we could get to the Saturday world series game in Denver and then drive all day Sunday and most of Monday to get back. We decided that was a bad idea, especially since we’re throwing a Halloween party on Saturday.
9:24 pm, bottom 3rd Does anyone know what’s up with the Red Sox Bullpen band? The Internet tells me that they call themselves “The Black Pearl” and have secret handshakes and a samba band.
9:30 pm, end of 3rd The inning-by-inning scoreboard with all zeros for Cleveland and all ones for Boston reminds me of the 113 logic design exams I had to grade this past week — it’s a truth table! I am a nerd.
9:59 pm, end of 4th Stupid double plays.
10:03 pm, top 5th Erm… Lofton sure looked safe at second to me.
10:06 pm, top 5th Now I’m nervous about Daisuke’s pitching ability… but it seems that Francona is not. From my roommate’s father (via IM): “No, no! Don’t pull a Pedro!”
10:17 pm, top 5th Okay, nice strike out, but please don’t come back in in the 6th.
10:48 pm, top 7th Lugo, if Lofton winds up scoring, you may just be the next Bill Buckner.
10:54 pm, top 7th Holy crap… thanks, Lofton for being a stupid baserunner. And double thank you to Blake for grounding into a double play.
11:00 pm, bottom 7th My housemate on Casey Blake and his giant beard: “Is that Jethro the Amish Guy?” He then brings up an interesting point — why do we only see excessive facial hair on baseball players and not football or basketball players?
11:02 pm, bottom 7th Whoo hoo, Dustin Pedroia! 5-2 Red Sox!! (And then the Red Sox fans in the room jumped on Mark who shouted “They’re going to the World Series!” Don’t jinx it, you fool.)
11:17 pm, top 8th Ahh, Papelbon… I feel so much more comfortable with the game in your hands now. (Er, hopefully that doesn’t jinx things.)
11:20 pm, top 8th Ryan Garko, that was 6 feet from a tie. Thank you, Ellsbury, for getting over there in time.
11:30 pm, bottom 8th Insurance runs are delightful.
11:36 pm, bottom 8th Collision! And I totally called it. (I often call such things and most of the time I am wrong, but whatever.)
11:43 pm, bottom 8th Hurray, Dustin Pedroia! (We just realized that he is younger than all four of us currently sitting in the living room. We feel old.)
11:47 pm, bottom 8th Yoooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukilis! Okay, they can save the rest of the offense for the World Series now. 11-2 is plenty.
11:57 pm, top 9th Down by the River, down by the banks of the Charles! (And, uh, did Coco Crisp injure himself on that last out? He sure slammed into the wall hard and seemed to be limping.)
12:05 am Before they announce it, I’m calling Beckett for Series MVP.
12:10 am I called it — congrats, Josh Beckett.


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  1. I’m beginning to think that the Red Sox and the Indians are going to transform into Autobots and Decepticons to duke it out for a spot in the 2007 World Series.

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