Oregon 39, Michigan 7


This has the potential to be quite the comedy of a football season. As Michigan once again choked big time… well, actually, choke implies that at one point they were in a position to win. Let me start over… while Michigan lost its fourth game in a row to a fowl team (they’re the ducks, get it?), I heard a student proclaim loudly that he was paying good tuition money to go a good football school and he was getting ripped off. I related the story to a friend who had been in the bathroom at the time while we were walking out of the stadium. He insisted that I must have made that up because no one smart enough to get into Michigan would be stupid enough to say something like that. As he was protesting, we passed a mother and a son having the following exchange:

Mother: Now, you are here for academics and to get a degree.
Son: But, Mom —
Mother: No. What is important is that in four years you will have a diploma that says University of Michigan on it and that will help you get a good job.
Son: *whining* But, Mom, why can’t they just win once while I’m here?

Michigan fans are funny, and they don’t even know it. My friend conceded that I was not making it up.


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  1. It doesn’t happen often; probably not since 1960. But as we enter the third week of the season, Minnesota has a better record than Michigan. Don’t worry, we’ll take real good care of the Little Brown Jug.

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