756 and Harvey Jones


I’m going to ignore the steroid controversy for a moment and copy-paste the following IM conversation I just had:

Harvey: guess where i was last night?
me: don’t tell me AT&T Park
Harvey: ok, talk to you later then

For those not aware, Harvey Jones is currently bumming around the country visiting as many baseball stadiums as he can. We saw one of those games together in Cincinnati after Martine and Dave’s wedding (which I never blogged… I really should do that). Apparently he’s home (San Francisco) for the week, and was going to every game until Bonds hit it, meaning that he was at last night’s game sitting in section 102, row 10.
That kid is living out my dream summer and it is unbelievably unfair.
(As for Bonds and the steroids… when you look at pictures of him from early in his career and then look at pictures of him now, it’s really hard not to believe that steroids were involved somewhere. And given that, yes, I think it cheapens the record. The real tragedy is that prior to the suspected steroid use, an argument could have already been made that Bonds was the greatest player of the era, and now that has been tainted forever.)


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  1. This has nothing to do with your post, but unlike the glorious MySpace, your blog provides no place to leave random messages.
    I was researching blogs for work and came across someone else who thought to twist the Colossus of Rhodes into his or her own name for a blog: http://colossus.mu.nu/. I was amused.

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