Twins 2, A’s 4


I made Breath go with me to the Twins/A’s game in the Coliseum in Oakland. Unfortunately, the home team won, based on an error by Jason Bartlett in the third, which directly to three Oakland runs. With the bases loaded and two outs, Bobby Crosby hit a grounder to shortstop. Bartlett actually made a nice play to get to the ball and field it… and promptly threw it into the bullpen behind first base instead of getting the third out of the inning. All three runners on base managed to score and Crosby got to third. Luckily, Santana followed up by striking out Cust to end the inning so there was no more damage. But since the Twins couldn’t get ever get the necessary clutch hit, those three runs made the difference in the ballgame.
Breath seemed to enjoy himself up until about the 7th, when he fell asleep for a half-inning. You can take a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. Tomorrow I’m dragging an even more stubborn horse to the A’s/Red Sox game, before flying back to Michigan. (Did I not mention that a primary reason why I agreed to go on this road trip was the excellent timing of Oakland’s baseball schedule?)
One thing I didn’t mention about the Denver game, is that it was the final game in my scorebook… which means that I need to buy a new one. Unfortunately, while I’m surrounded by people who are native to the area, none of them are sports fans and so I’m stuck using the scorecard out of the program. And Oakland doesn’t sell separate scorecards, so I’ll have to buy another program tomorrow, probably identical to the one I bought today. Oh well.


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