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I did my oral quals last Friday, promptly got bored and made a dress. I’m still not exactly sure why I decided to do that.
It was Butterick’s pattern 4790 (“Retro ’52 Wrap Dress”). I picked it because the pattern claimed it was “very easy” which turned out to be correct as even a novice seamstress such as myself was able to finish it in under two days. Well, not finish… there are two snaps left to be sewn on. But I can fake it without those snaps, especially when I take the picture from the side. It’s kind of pretty, though if I had it to do over again, I would have used a solid green fabric for the front instead of the mottled green print.
This may become a new hobby. I haven’t decided yet.


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  1. very nice. if this does become your new hobby, please continue to make cool things. not stodgy old lady clothes. 😉

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