Fantasy Week 2


Prepping for my upcoming prelims has meant that I haven’t had as much chance to watch ballgames as I’d like. Plus, none of the Twins games were broadcast nationally and I don’t yet feel like going out of my way to see the Tigers play. But my fantasy league trekked on without me paying much attention. I went 6-4, earning points for runs, hits, homeruns, RBIs, saves, and WHIP. I lost points for stolen bases, wins, strikeouts, and ERA. I blame Boof Bonser for those last three, and as for stolen bases… well, it appears my players are too honest to steal anything. But overall, I’m holding steady at 2nd place in the league. I have a feeling this can’t last too much longer.
This week I’ll actually get to a game that seven of my players will be in — White Sox at Tigers with Amrys, who will be in town this weekend.


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