Guillen on Santana


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After Santana blew away the White Sox with a one-hitter yesterday, manager Ozzie Guillen came up with the following tactic to handle Santana for next time:

I’m going to call my mom in Venezuela to come here and cook for him. We’ll poison him. If he eats what my mom cooks, he will be in trouble to pitch the next day.

I guess that counts as a strategy. (I should mention that the article I read stressed that he was joking… just in case anyone actually believes that Guillen would stoop so low.)
In other news, I fared pretty well in my first week of fantasy baseball, dominating the pitching stats and holding my own in the offensive categories — and this with a good chunk of my players losing a game due to snow (Twins, Tigers, and White Sox). Unfortunately, looking at how the Twins are doing tonight, I don’t expect the same for this week. Who is Sidney Ponson and who said he could pitch today? Clearly not a good idea…


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  1. Sidney Ponson is one of this year’s three big IFs. Last year it was the third baseman, Rondell White, and the pinchhitter (for purposes of symmetry, I don’t count Castro at short, that always was temp). Only White can vaguely be considered a success, and that not so much.
    This year it’s Ponson, Ortiz and Silva. And one can’t expect all three to hit. My guess is it will be Ortiz, but it could be Silva. I see no way that it winds up being Ponson. The good news is that the Twins, at least last year, are quick to recognize mistakes. Thus, you have to figure Perkins, Garza, and/or Slowey are in the rotation by the middle of the year. (And maybe two of them succeed.)
    But I firmly believe that Ponson was signed to give the rest of the division a chance.

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