No, I’m not dead, just highly distracted by actual grad school work, though not at the moment, obviously.
At the moment, while I should be working on a write-up to send in before I leave for the airport tonight, I am distracted by puzzles because Mystery Hunt is this weekend. (If you’re in Boston, I’ll be in town starting tonight at about 11 pm until next Wednesday.) For anyone interested, here’s a set of baseball themed puzzles from the New York Times. They’re Mystery Hunt-ish with one glaring exception — they have directions written on them, making them much easier. (Jeff and I breezed through them in under two hours, including a portion where I went to class.) But there’s a meta and everything.
And speaking of baseball, I neglected to say anything here about the AL MVP, Justin Morneau. But that gave the Twins the Cy Young (Santana), the batting champ (Mauer), and the MVP out of three different players. The last team to do that was the 1961 Dodgers (or maybe it was ’62? I should confirm these things before I spout them off). So, hurray for the Twins.


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