Like The Bad Taste Line, But With Rain


I just got back from camping out in front of the Power Center in order to secure myself student tickets for the Royal Shakespeare Company performances this November. (Sorry, lmesseri, these were for students only…) Tickets went on sale for the reduced price of $30 this morning at 9 AM. My original plan was to get up and get in line at 6:00 AM, figuring that would be early enough. So, I curled up to go to bed at 11 last night and at about 11:30, my housemate knocked on my door.
“Uh, Erin? There’s eight tents up already. I think we should camp.”
So, I got up, grabbed my tent and sleeping bag, called the friends who were going to meet me at 6 to tell them the change in plans, and headed over to the line. Estimated headcounts had us at about persons 50-55. At about 1 am, members of the Emerson String Quartet, cellist David Finkel and pianist Wu Han stopped by with the University Musical Society president to distribute chocolate and check up on the line, which was about twelve tents strong at that point. My housemate, a cellist himself, nearly had an aneurysm trying to explain how big a deal it was for him to meet these people. I was just glad to eat the chocolate.
Shortly thereafter, it started to rain. We climbed into our tents (or makeshift tents in some cases) and grabbed some shut eye. I woke up at about 8 and realized just how important it was to have gotten there when we did. The line stretched around the block (and it was still raining). With only 443 tickets total, maximum 170 for each of the three shows, most of those people weren’t going to get tickets.
But I have mine in my hand… one for the Tempest, with Patrick Stewart as Prospero, one for Antony and Cleopatra, with Stewart as Antony, and one for Julius Caesar.


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  1. Certain deep enview reach al the way to the wilder’rural, rural (and semi-)rural East Coast.
    Are these to be offered in the round? For your dear, that is my hope.

  2. either I was half asleep (I was not) or my fingers were (maybe) or this is one more example of how ya gotta put your fingers down on the proper keys to communicate
    And what I meant to say is that I hope and trust you can see at least two of those plays in the round, which is best with Shakes-bard.
    Good heist!

  3. Sadly, they’re not being performed in the round, but I think that this being the Royal Shakespeare Company and Patrick Stewart and all will more than make up for that.

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