Twins 8, Royals 1


Good things that happened tonight in baseball land:

  • The Twins won and the White Sox lost, shrinking the Twins magic number to zero. 0. A goose egg. Playoffs, here we (and by we, I mean they) come!
  • My future husband, Joe Mauer, went 2 for 3, upping his batting average to the still-AL-leading .349.
  • Torii Hunter hit his 30th homerun of the season. Justin Morneau hit his 34th. This marks the first time since 1987 that multiple Twins had 30 homer seasons. (And incidently, no Twin has had 30 homers since then.) Do you know what else happened in 1987? The Twins beat the Tigers in the ALCS and went on to win the World Series. I sense good things for this post season. Good things.

Oh, and the Red Sox lost to Toronto, 5-0.


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  1. You’re such a bandwagon-jumper! You didn’t think Mauer was so amazing when he QBd against the Trojans in high school. 😛
    Okay, I’m just jealous. I want him for myself.
    I’m going to the game tomorrow night. *grin*

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