Twins 8, Red Sox 2


Some open letters to my two favorite baseball teams…
Dear Red Sox,
I’m sorry you were eliminated from the AL East title today. Even though we’re still on a break, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt to know that the Yankees are going to be in the playoffs (again) instead of you. But Papi, congrats on number 50… if I wasn’t so opposed to DHs winning the MVP, I’d vote for you.

Dear Twins,
You boys make me so happy. For about an hour tonight, you were tied for the Central Division lead and I was actually rooting for the Bad Sox in Chicago so that you could have that lead out right. But instead, you’ll have to settle for shrinking the Wild Card magic number to 6. And Justin Morneau, you do get my MVP vote — because you play defense and you have 125 RBI with a .325 batting average.
PS – Don’t worry about my still being friendly with the Good Sox — you’ll always be my true love.


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