Twins 8, Dodgers 2


Mauer’s stats last night: 4 hits (including a triple and a double), 5 RBI
Mauer’s current batting average: .377
Mauer’s current ranking in the All Star votes: 3rd
While this is two places better than he was ranked last week, he still has a ways to go to catch up to Pudge and Tek. I mean, I get it — Pudge is probably the greatest American League catcher of the past 20 years or so, and Tek is, well, the captain of the Red Sox. But c’mon people — this is absurd. And it’s not just Twins fans who are making the case for Joe these days. has an article up and Yahoo! sports is featuring Mauer on their MLB splash page, linking to this column (which reports that Mauer is currently dating Miss USA — sorry, Lisa).
Seriously, even if you’re not a baseball fan… click the button and vote. If you’ve already voted, get another gmail account and vote again.
And for a Joe M. that children should not strive to emulate, check out this clip of minor league manager Joe Mikulik flipping his lid on the field.


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  1. Lisa – I thought we had a deal! Way back at the beginning of the season, I thought I’d convinced you that Morneau was more your type (stronger and blond)… leaving Mauer for me. *grin*