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It seems that Amazon has increased the capabilities of it’s “Look inside this book” feature, which used to just show you the first few pages. Now it’s been changed to a “Search inside this book,” for select books. (How this doesn’t violate copyright, I have no idea… there are books of sheet music I could hypothetically get away with not buying. I’m not saying I would do such a thing, just that it’s possible.)
Now here comes the fun part… for me. For you, this is the part where you secretly think to yourself, “Boy, she’s narcissistic.” But then again, that’s what blogs are for.
Go to and search for Vagina Warriors. (Or just click that link.) Now click on the cover image to “search inside” (and if you’re Johnston, be sure to do this at work, where I’m told you have a 21st century browser). Enter the string “erin rhode” into the search field. Click on the results (page 79) and read my cheesy quote, which I made up on the spot because it sounded good. Now click on the little left arrow to go back to page 78 to view my picture.
And if you’re the nagging type, this is where you can rag on me because it’s obvious that we both pulled those shirts out of the dirty laundry that morning. But doing so got us photographed for this book, which led to meeting Jane Fonda, which I would like to think puts me only two degrees away from my favorite actress, Katharine Hepburn (via On Golden Pond).


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  1. When that book came out last summer, I went to Barnes and Noble to look for your picture. It was so weird to see someone that I know in a book!

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