A new homepage


It took nearly a year, but I finally got around to making a web page on one of the many Michigan servers that I have access to. Too lazy to create one from scratch, I simply took Anand’s and replaced his information with mine and changed the colors (with his permission, of course). So, without further ado, I give you…


(As a warning, it’s not really anything special.)


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  1. oh and that arnab guy is on there! remember when i asked you if you knew him because i saw his webpage on the internets?

  2. it’s not hard at all — and there’s a nice plugin for firefox called “editCSS” that lets you edit a page’s stylesheet and it rerenders in real-time so you get to play around with things to learn it.
    that being said, css has a lot of cross-browser compatibility issues, so I’d recommend tweaking someone else’s code to start.
    also check out CSS Zen Garden. same HTML, different stylesheet.

  3. wow, thanks for the links!
    and … i love that geocities one. haha. i did have a webpage that kinda looked like that in 1996. and it was at geocities.