Spring Training


In honor of the start of spring training and the fact that there’s currently no snow on the ground here, I reverted back to the old style sheets.
I’m starting to think about stadiums I’d like to get to this season… obviously I’ll return to Comerica, as that’s the easiest for me to get to. More than likely I’ll get to a Metrodome game at some point as well, as I’m bound to go home at some point. Given the frequency with which I go to Cincinnati, revisiting that stadium seems likely as well. The next closest stadium to me is Jacob’s Field in Cleveland to the east and to the west, the only stadium that may rank as high as Fenway, Wrigley Field in Chicago. (Oh, and Chicago has that other team too. I think they were pretty good last year, so I may attempt to brave the Southside as well.) And as long as I’m driving to Chicago, I may as well go a little bit north and hit Milwaukee (perhaps with Amrys?). My other option for a short road trip is to go to the north and west and visit the only remaining Canadian team in Toronto, though I’ve already been to the Skydome.
For longer road trips, I’ll more than likely be driving to Jenn’s wedding in DC, which would be a perfect chance to catch a Nationals game at RFK, before they replace it with a real baseball stadium. (And kudos to Jenn for scheduling her wedding during a weekend when the Nationals are in town.) Saturday’s probably out, though it is an afternoon game, but if people aren’t too hungover after the reception, anyone else attending the wedding would be welcome to join me at a Cubs-Nationals game on Sunday afternoon. (Laura Lopez, I am specifically thinking of you here, given that it’s your team and all.) Pittsburgh is conveniently located right between Ann Arbor and DC, but unfortunately, the Pirates are away that week, so it doesn’t appear that that would work out too well.
So… Comerica, Dome, Great American, Jacob’s Field, Wrigley, Comiskey (because US Cellular is too stupid a name to recognize), Miller Park, Skydome/Rogers Centre, and RFK are all on the short list of stadiums to visit this year. Stay tuned to see which ones actually pan out.


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  1. If you’d like some non-related company at a Twins game this summer, let me know! I haven’t been to a game in forever, although I thought about going last summer. You should pick a really hot day, or a rainy day, so we can fully appreciate the glorious benefits of indoor baseball. *grin*

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