Meta Puzzles


During the Mystery Hunt off-season this year, my team has decided to try something new: practice puzzles. This week I was assigned to post two meta puzzles. Instead of culling from previous hunts, I decided to write two of my own. Now that they’ve each been test solved, I’ll post them here for people that Big Jimmy didn’t fantasize about to solve.

Puzzle 1:

  • GIFT

Puzzle 2:
(Besides the answers, each puzzle in this imaginary round came with a musical note next to the title. These are in parentheses. You’ve only solved four of the seven puzzles, but you have the notes for the remaining three.)

  • MONKEY (G#)
  • SKELTER (C#)
  • RACCOON (A#)
  • unknown (F#)
  • unknown (B)
  • unknown (D#)

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  1. Okay, I think I sort of see why you’d do that… but still wrong.
    Relook at whatever you did for “FRIENDS” — I think you made a mistake. (Or I made a mistake in writing it… send me an e-mail if you’re convinced that’s the case.)

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