Beauty and the Geek 2


Well, I finally got a chance tonight to see my old 6.046 study partner, Ankur Mehta, embarass himself as one of the geeks in Beauty and the Geek 2. Considering that this is the same guy who I once tricked into eating a vomit jellybean, I’m not all that surprised that of all the geeks I know, he’s the one who wound up on reality television. He didn’t actually get that much face time tonight — I, for one, thought his air guitar performance deserved more than the fifteen seconds it got. We didn’t even get a chance to see how bad his singing was!
Ankur really showed his geeky side during the toga party when he whipped out the blue plastic sword during his runway walk — although once again, he only got a few seconds of airtime. His partner held up her end of the stereotype too. When asked what she would do to end pollution, she responded, “Not eating a lot of gaseous foods and not farting a lot.” That’s almost as bad as my response to “What would you do to end world hunger?” in the 2003 Miss Ugly pageant. (I said, “Eat.”)
But let’s be honest, if Ankur wasn’t on this show, I probably wouldn’t have even heard of it, much less watch it. In fact, even with him on it, I kind of want the last hour of my life back.
Oh, and just for good measure, it’s all S. A.’s fault…

To: ec-discuss@MIT.EDU, putz@MIT.EDU
Subject: play a nerd in a tv show?
Date: Tue, 02 Aug 2005 20:13:34 -0400
From: S. A.
i was walking down the infinite today and i noticed this sign for that show "beauty and the geek." it's this sort of far-from-reality show on the wb where nerdy guys and shallow but hot girls have to teach each other stuff. theyre casting apparently and so i thought id pass it on to you guys because there are a lot of you who are sufficiently nerdy. and i like that show. but dont tell anyone.
the sign says
"open call august 6th 1-4 pm
boston casting
129 braintree street
allston, ma 02134
617 254 1001"
you have to be 21 to audition too.
if youre worried about whether its legit or not... you can call them yourself.
s. l. a.


8 responses

  1. Way to go, Sheeva!
    Although its dumb and I wouldn’t watch it without Ankur, the show is pretty funny…

  2. Two notes on the people on beauty and the geek:
    1) I think Wes is actually pretty hot and not too geeky.
    2) Brittany (the dumbest of the girls, in my opinion) is actually a senior majoring in business & marketing at UIUC right now. UIUC is actually a good school, and I was sort of shocked that any of those girls (especially the most unbright of them) could get into and do alright at a top-tier school.

  3. Okay, so my roommate and I thought the same thing about Wes, and she thought I should e-mail Ankur and get his contact information.

  4. Having lived in Urbana-Champaign, I would have to say that by the time you make it to senior year at UIUC you have probably lost a lot of braincells to the beer.

  5. I did some google searching to find info about Wes. The geeks are pretty easy to track down the Interweb, and you can even find their personal webpages sometimes.
    His name is Wes Wilson, and he graduated from GA Tech in 2003. According to the GA Tech webpage, his email address is I found him on thefacebook and I added him as a friend.. haha! I heart thefacebook.
    The other stuff I found out about him on the interweb was sort of disappointing. He’s actually pretty smooth with ladies… he had a really hot girlfriend before the show and hooks up with one of the beauties on the show itself. Oh well.

  6. Rumor has it he’s still with one of the beauties, even.
    They do seem to avoid showing Ankur, sadly. Probably because he’s not all “BEAUTY AND THE GEEK WILL SAVE MY LIFE AND MAKE ME A BETTER HUMAN” like the rest.

  7. Ashton Kutcher, who produces Beauty and the Geek, is looking into creating a second version wherein the Geeks are female and the Beauties are male. For all who think Wes is a “hottie”, you should be looking for the audition sites.
    Now, I have to get back to voting for Master P. on “Dancing with the Stars”.