I was verifying the link to Breath’s website on that last entry and started going through his pictures, stumbling upon the windsailing ones. It was a year to the day after 9/11 and hurricane Gustav was making it’s way towards the coast, causing incredibly strong winds on the dot. We took a few sheets, some rope, some athena chairs, and a garbage bin and spent the afternoon “windsailing.” At one point, a CP walked by and we thought for sure she was going to lecture us about our reckless behavior. Instead, she just shook her head and said, “Was that really all you could come up with?”
Some of the pictures are amazing; I had forgotten how intense the wind was that day. Due to a combination of Breath’s infectious giggle and the sheer humor of it, this movie makes me laugh out loud. I’ve just been watching Harvey flail his arms in the air before smacking into the light post over and over for the past five minutes. (It also reminds me of when the truck backed into that same lightpost, shattering the lantern while Breath and I watched from his window… or maybe it was my window at that point. I don’t really remember.)
And for completely narcissistic reasons, I’m a big fan of this picture as well.


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