Angels 3, White Sox 2


Well, having been visiting our neighbor to the north last week, I missed most of the ALDS. (In fact, I found out the Red Sox had been swept by loudly asking a room of people if someone with an internet connection would mind looking up the score for me. It was a very anti-climactic end to the Red Sox season.) And now, the AL East is completely out of the ALCS — the first time since 2002 when the Angels took my Twins in five games and proceeded to make Dusty Baker’s son cry by winning the World Series. Honestly, the midwesterner in me is glad to see some variety in the post-season this year. Not that I’m rooting for the midwestern Sox. In fact, I’m rooting for the Angels. So, go Angels. Way to take game 1. (On the other hand, this seems to be the era of ending World Series droughts… so maybe it is Chicago’s time. I just wish it was the Cubs.)
And in the National League… I have no strong favorite. I did fly from Houston to Detroit during Sunday’s 18 inning game with a bunch of Astros fans, so maybe I’ll let their excitement wear off on me. On the other hand, and bear with me because this is a stretch…
When Chicago lost/threw the 1919 World Series (supposedly starting their own curse), it was against the Cincinnati Reds. So wouldn’t it be interesting if their next World Series victory came through a playoffs in which they defeated all red teams (Red Sox, Angels, Cardinals)? But that would require me to root for the White Sox… and I’m not sure I can do that.


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  1. Personally, the dumbest move the Twins have made was getting rid of A.J. And last night’s game proves why. Sure, he’s obnoxious and bizarre but he just can’t take losing and somehow conning the umpires to let him “steal” first base proves it.
    Plus while he was in Minnesota he was the team’s best clutch hitter (or at least it sure seemed that way). As to folks who say that the Twins also have Joe Mauer I have three words… Dickey/Berra/Howard. You can figure out the twosomes, but let’s just say that it got the Yankees about a dozen world championships.
    You can never have too many great catchers.

  2. About the White Sox…
    I don’t know a single person from Chicago that likes the White Sox. All true Chicagoans like the Cubs, and we are indifferent to the White Sox. My point is this: is anyone rooting for the White Sox?

  3. 10 Reasons to like the White Sox:
    1) They’re not the Yankees.
    2) They play in the right division.
    3) They’ve got more ex-Twins than the Angels.
    4) They now where they’re from (LAAA, what’s that a strange shoe size?).
    5) Their really bad apples are gone.
    6) Hoyt Wilhem used to pitch for them.
    7) They damn near blew up the stadium with anti-Disco night.
    8) Their fans are smart enough to stay away when they play like crap (unlike Cub fans who are either masochists or wastrels or George Will).
    9) While they hated A.J. when he was a Twin, they were smart enough to recognize that he was a winner and would make them winners as well.
    10)and finally… most people don’t like them.

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