Things you don’t want to hear…


… the cable guy say when he’s fixing your mistakenly disconnected cable and internet:

  • Oh man, I drank too much last night. Do you have some aspirin or something I could have?
  • Well, shit. That doesn’t make any sense.
  • To his supervisor: Man, I never ground it. It’s always worked fine before.
  • Man, I totally shouldn’t have drank so much last night. I feel so sick.

On the plus side, my cable and internet are back. And he left before he puked.


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  1. For what it’s worth, I recently fixed hum bars on
    someone’s analog cable channels. The cable guy
    had failed to install the ground strap, probably
    because you don’t notice the ill effects on the
    digital channels.

  2. These remarks by the cable guy were … come-on lines?
    Just remarkable and he should be sooooo fired. HOWEVER, this is a sure sign that the training for the job doews not include responsible and forward-looking managerial oversight and direction.
    AND your job as a customer, of course, is to make a report — hell, anomymously, if you must, that so n’ so [ is a jerk] needs serious re-training for the post he holds AND that it would not be necessary were it not for managerial faults that allow “this product” to hit the streets wearing the uniform of….” ((The Good Doctor, says…))

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