Upsetting Computer Names


I’ve started to get settled in my office at Michigan and I’ve discovered something mildly disturbing… the two machines set up for use are named “yankees” and “cardinal.” I’m guessing that somebody here doesn’t like the Red Sox, or at least wasn’t happy with the 2004 playoffs. One of my fellow grad students is going to bring another desktop and set it up and will likely be calling it “orioles” to continue the trend. (He’s from Maryland, so I can’t entirely blame him.)


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  1. Actually, I think I’ve decided on the singular “oriole”. The bird’s pretty, but I’m always been fairly indifferent to the team. I actually hooked it up Saturday and discovered that it gives me an internet connection right away, but the IP address I got resolves to the not-so-memorable “d-12-242”.
    Not that Marylanders are so big on the Yankees either. I can’t imagine it should be too hard to get the machine renamed;-)

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