Eastward, Oh!


Starting Thursday, I’ll be off on a whirlwind tour of Canada and upstate New York, with planned stops at Niagara Falls (alone), Rochester (new home of Melissa Cain), Cooperstown (for the Hall of Fame, naturally), and Albany Slingerlands (for Amrys’s birthday shenanigans).
In order to prepare for the Cooperstown visit, I was checking out the Hall of Fame website and wound up browsing the online exhibits, particularly the photo contest. There’s a great shot of a double rainbow at Fenway and of Bill Mueller laying out for a catch. Remember when Dusty Baker’s son ran out to get the bat prior to the end of the play during the 2002 World Series and almost got plowed over? Well, perhaps this will refresh your memory (ESPN article for those who really don’t remember). But my favorite picture is this image of Comiskey as seen through a puddle’s reflection. I love the sepia tones. When I conjure up a mental image of “baseball,” it looks something like that picture.


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  1. For purposes of symmetry, shouldn’t the title of this blob actually be “Oh, Eastward”? Or perhaps an ode to the Cleevers with “Oh, Ward. East!” (Or is that more an ode to Batman and his faithful servant?)
    Then again, palindromicly, “oh, drawtsew!”, giving us “oh, draw, tsae” which makes no sense, leaving the slight subversion, “oh, draw East!”.
    Still and all, if one must explain one’s jokes then it’s back to the warding board.
    And none of that explains the great mystery: when standing on Pacific shores of California and looking West, why is the first thing you see called the Far East?

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