Double Header


comerica-entrance.jpgToday was my first ever major league double header. The Twins and the Tigers split a pair of games at Comerica Park and I was in the stands for both games. My original plan for the weekend was to go to Chicago and see the Red Sox shut out the White Sox (well, okay, I didn’t know it was going to be a shutout). However, after a phone conversation in which my mother expressed concerns about me hanging out in the south side of Chicago alone and my father pointed out that my beloved Twinkies are in Detroit this weekend, plans changed. ferris-wheel.jpgWhat sealed the deal is that the Red Sox will be in Detroit in a few weeks, so I can catch the Good Sox then, without having to give money to the Evil Sox. Besides, despite what my father believes, I maintain that I am a Twins fan first and Red Sox fan second. It’s just that it’s a close second.

Prior to today’s games, I bought a new scorebook. It’s just so much nicer than scoring out of a program. I even left blank pages at the front so that I can transfer my program-scored games into it. Unfortunately, I think the scoring from the game I saw with Amrys and Mike is lost forever with the old scorebook. It does occur to me that I could recreate it with the MLB radio archived broadcast, and perhaps I shall.

The actual game reports will have to wait until tomorrow. But there will be pictures, so it will be worth the wait.

Edit: All pictures from both games are posted here.


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