It’s probably worth mentioning that as of Wednesday (two days ago), I live in Michigan. Also, and this is probably a sign of an upcoming apocalypse, as of yesterday I have a mobile phone. If I didn’t give you the number yesterday, it probably means that I hate you and never want to speak to you again. Or it means that it didn’t occur to me that you’d want it and you could e-mail me if you do want it. You can interpret however you choose.
I spent sometime at the pool in my new apartment complex yesterday to try and beat the heat and wound up chatting with a few of my new neighbors. It seems that no one cares about baseball here (although women’s softball came up, as Michigan apparently just won the NCAA national championship). The sports talk was dominated by the Pistons. I don’t think this bodes well for my next five years as a baseball fan. I somehow doubt that I will have friends who want to get together and have some beers and brats while watching the Tigers play. Although I’m not too far from Lansing, home of the Lansing Lugnuts. Maybe it will be worth getting into minor league ball. I can be like Susan Sarandon in Bull Durham.


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  1. First up, I don’t think I like the idea of you becoming the Susan Sarandon character in “Bull Durham”. However, if you truly feel that’s your lot in life, then you may want to consider the major-league team as your base of operations. Those guys get more in per diem money than the Lugnuts get paid in a month.
    Secondly, don’t give up all hope on your baseball fandom. If the T’wolves were to make the NBA finals I suspect the town would be a little gaga over them to the detriment of the Twins. It happened a couple of years ago when the Wild had their miracle playoff run. (Of course, now that the NHL stands for “NO HOCKEY LEAGUE”, those days are as much a memory as championship run of the Minneapolis Lakers.)
    On the other hand, being forced to watch the Detoilet Tigers requires much more than beers and brats. I suspect a mix of laudunum and single malt scotch should enable the appropriate brain synapses.

  2. Welcome to Michigan! I found you via the Blue Cats and Red Sox experience.
    Don’t write off Michigan baseball fans too fast. We’ve been beaten down by 10 years of awfulness. Metro Detroit is a dormant baseball town just waiting to explode once it has a good team to cheer on. Just watch how excited we all get when the team is near .500.