Movin’ on up


Today I got official word that I was accepted to Michigan’s Summer Institute for incoming grad students who received the particular fellowship that I received. Which means that come end of May, I’ll be moving out of Boston for Ann Arbor. The details haven’t been entirely worked out yet, but in the next month and a half, I’ll need to find an apartment, buy a car, and most likely — drum roll, please — a cellphone. (And no, this time it’s not an April Fool’s joke… but I’m sure the Minnesota Zoo appreciated Mr. Sarwate’s text message. And speaking of April Fool’s jokes, everyone should go to this entry and read down the first letter of each line, as apparently most of you missed my cleverness the first time around.)


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  1. Donald Hall may not be there anymore but it is, I hear, still great — and doubtless about to be greater: you go!

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