Vagina Warriors


I got my copy of Vagina Warriors this weekend. I flipped through the pages and sure enough, page 78, there we are. And on page 79, we’ve been quoted. Yes, it’s fairly evident by the large amount of wrinkles that I pulled that shirt out of the dirty laundry pile in order to wear it that day. But, hey, that dirty shirt got me in a book. A book selling all over the country.
A friend of mine from New York e-mailed me to tell me that he saw it while perusing the Virgin Megastore. I think this might be my fifteen minutes of fame.
Mom – Don’t buy it. Your birthday is soon.


One response

  1. I knew from the moment I heard you declaim that your vagina was pissed off that you were destined for celebrity, nay, greatness. It almost makes a father cry to know that his daughter is a “VAGINA WARRIOR”.
    My buttons are bursting from pride!
    You go, girl!