There is a very good chance that I am in this book, set to be released on Valentine’s Day.
As the story goes, last year my coproducer and I went to the Regional Empowerment Workshop at Boston University for all organizers of The Vagina Monologues. Women came from all over the country — it was just good luck that it happened to be in Boston. We met each other there, both wearing our “Enjoy Vagina” shirt from 2002. We sat around, waiting for the meeting to start, and Eve Ensler herself came up to us to tell us how much she loved our shirts. A few minutes later, a photographer came by and asked if we would be willing to pose for a coffee table book they were putting together.
So we followed her upstairs and after we finished the photo shoot, we had a short interview. But the interview was interrupted because in walked Cat Ballou herself, Jane Fonda. She also loved our shirts and wanted to know if she could get one (sorry, we haven’t made that one in years). Later, once the workshop started, I got to watch her do an impersonation of an orgasming G-spot.
Now, my question is, does a coffee table book and a workshop get me into the six-degrees-of-separation game? Because if so, then I am only two degrees away from my favorite actress of all time: me -> Jane Fonda -> Katharine Hepburn (via On Golden Pond).


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