Gophers 20, Alabama 16


Minnesota, hats off to thee, to thy colors true we shall ever be!
Okay, the Music City Bowl isn’t exactly the Rose Bowl, but it’s a bowl game and the Gophers won. Since in high school I was technically a student at the U of M, I feel like I can take some pride in the victory, especially since the MIT football team would probably get beat by my high school’s team.
And speaking of high school, I remember when the Gopher’s star running back Marion Barber III used to fall asleep in health class. And now it looks like he’ll wind up in the NFL.


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  1. I concur. It is cool to see Marion Barber III doing so well. I remember cheering for him in high school… hearing the announcer shout his name over the loudspeaker at the old high school while trying not to fall through the cracks in the bleachers. Those were the days.

  2. Ahhh, high school football games. When I used to get kicked by the away team’s cheerleaders because I was the bitchy rank lieutenant who told them to get off the track and let our band line up. Good times, usually followed by a trip to Baker’s Square.
    I could really go for some french silk pie now.

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