They want to drown me


A couple of people have brought this to my attention. What’s missing from the website version, but appeared in the e-mail version that Kraft forwarded to me is the biblical passage that suggests that all those who bring this show to others should “have a great millstone hung around his neck and… drowned in the depths of the sea.” It’s a little too ridiculous for me to really respond seriously, but let me just say this:

Instead of giving your money to a group that will just use it to mount protests, you should use the money to buy a ticket to our show and find out why it is so blasphemous for yourself. Then your money will go directly to places like BARCC that are actively working to prevent and stop sin instead of just railing against it. And then you can go on calling us blasphemous, if that’s what you really think.

My biggest problem with protests like these is that they are usually led by people who haven’t actually seen the show or have any idea what it’s about. But as Kraft’s “I’m definitely going to go see the show now” demonstrated, all publicity is good publicity and in the end, this kind of stuff just brings us a larger audience.

Oh, and VAGINA! (with jazz hands)


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