This day in history…


(Most of these taken from the History Channel’s This Day In History website.)
1823 — The Monroe Doctrine was declared. Surprisingly, this had nothing to do with jcbarret, jrandall, and johnston or even qmahoney. It was an isolationist foreign policy drawn up by US President James Monroe.
1859 — John Brown’s body was a-moulderin’ in his grave… actually, it was hanging in Charles Town, VA, by order of the US Marines.
1932 — Bing Crosby and Bob Hope, stars of the seven Road movies, appeared together on stage for the first time at the Paramount Theater. “We’re off on the road to Morocco…”
1942 — Enrico Fermi controlled the first nuclear chain reaction at the University of Chicago. His laboratory was originally a squash court underneath Stagg Field.
1954 — Senator Joseph McCarthy was condemned by the US Senate for “conduct unbecoming a United States Senator.” You know, like calling everybody and his mother a communist and a spy.
1964 — Ringo Starr had his tonsils taken out and the Beatles temporarily replaced him with a guy named Jimmy Nichols.
1981 — My mother spent 18+ hours in labor while my father wondered why he didn’t bring a book. At 6:43 pm after much insistence that I stay where it was warm, I finally fell out of my mother’s uterus, attempting to hang myself on the umbilical cord.
… and don’t anyone say anything about Britney Spears.


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  1. Dave Barry’s comment on the Monroe doctrine:
    The first major president to be elected after the War of 1812 was President Monroe Doctrine, who became famous by developing the policy for which he is named. This policy, which is still in effect today, states that:
    1. Other nations are not allowed to mess around with the internal affairs of nations in this hemisphere.
    2. But we are.
    3. Ha-ha-ha.
    Happy birthday!

  2. I know you asked that it not be mentioned, but I saw on TV, that she was actually born on the exact same day as you (i.e. you’re both the same age). But I bet she’s richer. 😛

  3. <sarcasm>Thanks, Jeff. That’s never been pointed out to me before. I’m so very proud of the fact that I share my birthday with such a talented performer.</sarcasm>

  4. Happy birthday, Erin! Who’s this Britney person everyone’s talking about???
    Just think, someday when all of her plastic body parts have melted and she’s blown her fortunes on 47 divorce proceedings, you’ll be famous for something a little more substantial. 🙂

  5. Am I the only one that’s noticed that Erin’s initials are ERR and that spells…? Do you think it has anything to do with “to err is human, to forgive divine”?
    Has anybody else noticed that Brittany Spears’ parents no longer work for a living, but merely suck off the success of their daughter? This can’t be a bad thing and should be de rigeur for all parents with a daughter; especially now that dowries have gone out of fashion. (oops! wait, that’s a good thing for parents of daughters.)
    In fact, after seeing bits of the recent Jessica & Ashlee Simpson “Little Drummer Boy” caterwauling, I can’t help but think that in a just world having two daughters should be akin to winning the lottery.