Family Tree


There’s been quite a bit of family tree talk lately, and I thought I’d take a moment to write down what I know of mine, skipping aunts and uncles for now. But unlike some people, my family tree recognizes women. One day (soon?) I’ll attempt to give this a whole-hearted attempt, but this is a good starting point and perhaps Dad can add things that I don’t know.

&nbsp Adam Roden (d. 1904) — Mary Robeck (d. 1894) &nbsp ? Knopp — Emma Zitzloff &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp
Andrew Rhode (d. 1952) — Agatha Roden (d. 1970) Fred Epple (d. 1988) — Lydia Knopp (d. 1991) Wenzel Freisleben (d. 1961) — Mary Harguth (d. 1961) Henry Stager (d. 1983) — Lena Eckhoff (d. 1995)
Stanley Rhode (d. 1957) — Marian Epple (– George Becker) Fred Freisleben (d. 1980) — Velma Stager (– Stanley Thein)
Russell Rhode — Kathryn Freisleben
Erin & Anne Rhode

I think there’s a Harguth somewhere in either the Stager or Eckhoff family as well, but I’m not sure whether it Henry or Lena’s mother. (ed. Mom says it’s Mary Freisleben who was the Harguth. Also found out more information about Agatha Roden’s parents here.)


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  1. According to the 1930 US Census, she was born in Germany and came over in 1882. But the census doesn’t track maiden names.