And… it’s over


Yesterday, they paraded the trophy all around Boston. And I saw it — twice. Amrys has photos and movies in her recap. We spent a lot of time standing around in the rain, and before it ever started, the crowd had a food fight. My favorite tossed items were the popcorn balls that we initially thought were baseballs. Luckily, we weren’t near the people that actually did throw baseballs — apparently Pedro was hit in the head at some point during the river leg of the parade. The last I heard, no one knows who did it or why.
And now baseball season is really over. Arguably, it was over on Wednesday, but now that the parade has happened, there’s no pretending anymore.
As I look back, it was actually a pretty disappointing World Series. Four game series always are. And in this one, the Red Sox led the entire time. Outside of the sloppy first game, there was no drama, no come-from-behind rallying, and no real heroes — they weren’t necessary. The choice for MVP — Manny Ramirez — was questionable. I mean, the guy had two errors in game 1. Because the primary reason Boston won was due to lack of St. Louis being able to put anything together, the award should have gone to a pitcher. But you couldn’t really give it to Schilling, Pedro, or Lowe, because they only pitched one game apiece. My pick would have been Foulke, who pitched in all four games and earned a save and a win with a 1.80 ERA. But they don’t let me make those decisions.
I suppose that given that I had the flu during the end of it, I ought to be grateful that this series was so cut and dry. I don’t think my immune system could have handled all of the excitement if it had been like the ALCS.


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