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For the convenience of everyone who works, the city of Boston has announced that the parade will be on Saturday at 10:00 AM.

And now, after looking through my baseball encyclopedia, more baseball trivia…
The Red Sox just won the World Series after an 86 year drought. This is the longest a baseball team has gone between championships. It turns out that the second longest is the Washington Senators/Minnesota Twins franchise who went from 1924 (as the Senators) to 1987 (as the Twins). After that it’s the Athletics who went from 1930 (as the Philadelphia Athletics) to 1989 (as the Oakland Athletics).
The only teams with longer droughts are the two Chicago clubs. The NL Cubs, who last won in 1908 and haven’t been in it since 1945, have their own version of the curse. Instead of involving the Sultan of Swat, it involves a billy goat. The AL White Sox haven’t won since 1917, and threw the 1919 World Series in the infamous Black Sox scandal. They were last in the series in 1959.
For those curious, the following franchises (all expansion teams) have never won the World Series:

Texas Rangers 1961 expansion team (as the Washington Senators), moved to Texas in 1972
Houston Astros 1962 expansion team (as the Houston Colt .45s), became the Astros in 1965
San Diego Padres 1969 expansion team, lost 1984 series to the Detroit Tigers, lost 1998 series to the New York Yankees
Montreal Expos 1969 expansion team
Milwaukee Brewers 1969 expansion team (as the Seattle Pilots), moved to Milwaukee in 1970, lost the 1982 series to the St. Louis Cardinals
Seattle Mariners 1977 expansion team
Colorado Rockies 1993 expansion team
Tampa Bay Devil Rays 1998 expansion team

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    [This entry has been gathering steam over the course of a few weeks now. I’ve wanted to write some sort of final piece on the 2004 Red Sox World Series Championship Season, more for my own personal satisfaction than anything else. I’ve been adding bits…