Boston 4, St. Louis 1


Well, it seems that the Red Sox don’t need me to sit in that lucky armchair after all. In a sick and twisted way, I’m a little disappointed. As my housemate put it, it’s hard to be so into something and not feel like you have any control over the outcome. But such is the nature of professional sports.
Being sick, I don’t have a good enough short term memory right now to comment on the game. Except that it was nice to see Larry Walker get the homerun in the ninth so that the poor Cardinal fans had something to cheer about. And it turns out that David Ortiz isn’t that bad of a first baseman — in fact he’s pretty solid. My dad pointed out that he probably got the bad reputation by always playing on the same team as Doug Mientkiewicz.
Now the Sox are up 3-0 in the series. One more win and the curse is reversed. I vow to be better by tomorrow night so that I don’t have to risk watching the end of the series alone.


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